2009 Hawker 4000

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Total Time: 1,766.9
Total Landings: 1,455


  • #1: SN: PCE-CE0058 / 1,776 SN / 1,455 Cycles
  • #2: SN: PCE-CE0059 / 1,776 SN / 1,455 Cycles


  • -Solid State Cockpit Voice Recorder with 2 hour recording time
  • -Aural warning system
  • -Central Maintenance Computer (CMC)
  • -Primus 880 Weather Radar
  • -Dual AOA System
  • -Cabin Management and Entertainment System, including
  • -Dual Clocks (Displayed on the PFD’s)
  • -Honeywell Enhanced Ground Proximity Warning System
  • -TCAS II
  • -Internal/External CMC access
  • -Dual Digital Air Data Systems
  • -Standby Digital Air Data System
  • -Dual VHF NAV (VOR/Marker Beacon/Localizer/Glidescope)
  • -Dual Inertial Reference System
  • -Single Radio Altimeter
  • -Dual DME, Single ADF
  • -Dual Global Positioning System
  • -Dual Collins VHF Comms with 8.33Khz spacing increments
  • -Single Collins HF--‐9000 HF Communications System with SELCAL
  • -Dual Mode S Diversity Transponders
  • -Dual Audio/Interphone/PA
  • -Airborne Telephone


  • -Electronic Charts and Enhanced Map Overlays
  • -Cockpit Observer Chair with Dedicated Storage
  • -Satellite phone
  • -Airshow 4000 Worldwide Package
  • -EASA compliant
  • -Completed Hawker Block Point upgrade in February 2012


  • -600 Hours task done on 10 Oct. 2012 at 1,178.7 Hours
  • -12 Months OOP Task done on 10 Oct 2012 at 1,178.7 Hours


  • The interior of the Hawker 4000 is elegantly and tastefully designed for functionality and flexibility featuring “double club four” arrangement with separate seating areas making it ideal for entertaining or conducting business. 8 seats (reclining and tracking capabilities) exquisitely finished in rare accent brown complimenting with high gloss rose wood panel leathery fabric. The forward cabin contains four single seats in a double-club configuration with two pull out writing tables and two 15” video monitors in front and rear of the passenger cabin. The cabinetry consists of a galley on the forward right inside side of the cabin which is stylishly built to match the colors of the interior. The aircraft is configured with an aft passenger Belted Lavatory Seat which is at the rear of the aircraft. The baggage compartment has both internal and external accessibility, and can be accessed during flight.


  • Matterhorn White base with Super Jet Orange, Red and Blue striping.