Acquisitions Helping you achieve the dream of flight

At Sojourn Aviation, we're a total turnkey operation. When you're ready to buy your next business jet, we begin a unique sales process that borders on science. We start with a consultation that helps us best determine your needs. We then research the marketplace and identify aircraft that fit the bill, then work through negotiations to secure your best price. But our services don't stop there; we'll go as far as to help you find a home for your aircraft, a crew to operate it and the resources to maintain it.

Brokerages Let us sell your aircraft

When it comes to selling multimillion-dollar business jets, we've got the experience to help you unload your aircraft. We can conduct a full evaluation of your aircraft and provide in-house research to determine a selling price that pleases both you and prospective buyers. With our extensive sales network, we can also help garner your aircraft international attention. And when it comes time to make the sale, we'll handle all negotiations through the signing of the contract – even overseeing the pre-purchase inspection.

Consulting We'll take you under our wing

If you've flirted with the idea of selling or purchasing an aircraft but aren't sure where to start, step one would be to have a sit-down with us. We can perform a needs analysis on your behalf and cover a number of critical points, like estimating operation costs and developing negotiation strategies. If you're looking to sell, our in-house research team will help determine the current market value for your aircraft. From there, we can lay out your options and discuss the best course of action moving forward.

Management Don't worry — we've got you covered

Sojourn Aviation provides charter or fractional cost analysis versus ownership to help you determine which option best suits you. We also offer FAR Part 91and Part 135 operations consulting.

Finance Flexible financing options, solid support

Finding the perfect aircraft isn't worth a nickel if you can't get the financing you need. That's why Sojourn Aviation has you covered with its world-class resources all across the globe to help you finance your aircraft. We have established relationships with a network of third-party suppliers who know the aviation business and know how to get you financed. We can even help you evaluate and identify finance or leasing opportunities to ensure that every detail goes smoothly. When it comes to financing, we're incredibly accommodating and will work with you to find the terms that best suit your needs.